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Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1 2 3 2m Contest 4 5 6 7
8 9 DMR Update Evening and Local Code Plug 10 70cm Contest 11 12 6M Contests 13 14
15 West London Radio & Elec Show 16 17 23cm Contest 18 19 4M Contest 20 21
22 Cambridge Repeater Group Rally 23 Having a go at RSGB VHF/UHF contesting 24 25 26 27 28
29 30 1 2m Contest 2 3 4 5

Friday 27th April

There are no events planned on this day...

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Tony's 10m Band Report

Well, a few days did come good, so work it while you can. Sadly I was otherwise occupied on the good days. Z66D (Kosovo) was having a great time all week, VK9X/PE7T (Christmas Is) dropped in top on Friday with 3B9FR (Rodriguez Is) top on both days at the weekend


50 MHz allowed in Lebanon

IARU Region 1 reports that radio amateurs in Lebanon have gained access to the 50 MHz (6m) band


RSGB Youth Committee minutes released

The RSGB Youth Committee have released the minutes of their meetings held in March and April


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