MKARS and NRC Receive Equipment Donation from MK Ham SK Cyril Mattocks, G3KQQ

Recently MKARS kindly accepted the donation of a number of items of equipment from the SK shack of Cyril Mattocks, G3KQQ. Cyril was based in Bletchley and very active on the HF/VHF bands.

Some of the items were immediately taken up by the MKARS members, some have gone into storage for MKARS for use on loan or for Field day, and some have now gone to the National Radio Centre at Bletchley Park to support their activities to support further interest in our exciting hobby.

Graham Mattocks for Cyril’s family said, “I hope that the MKARS and NRC members find this  useful. It has certainly helped us  out, and I’m sure that my late father would be happy that the equipment is still being used “.