MKARS Achieves 1st Place (LPAP) in 2019 UK SSB Field Day

MKARS are delighted to announce that it has achieved first place in the 2019 RSGB SSB Field Day in the Low Power Assisted (multiple antennas) Portable Section.

Against 19 other UK Clubs in this weekend event,  MKARS made 451 QSO’s (contacts),  and achieved a winning points score of 129,406 when our multipliers (new countries contacted) were included.

The RSGB reported  ‘In 2018 Milton Keynes ARS entered the Low Power Assisted section with a simple antenna for fun and experience, this year with a more elaborate antenna array and a superior multiplier count over Scarborough ARS G4BP/P they take the top spot’.

Phil Gould, G4FVZ, Chair of MKARS for 2019/20  said. ‘MKARS thanks everyone who contributed to this great success. It was hard work at times, but great fun.  We are a Club serving many interests, including radio contesting, and are delighted that our efforts in Field Day this year have resulted in us being winners’.