Just as an update for May, the following is a word on our net programme, the Zoom coffee chat sessions and future Zoom Club Meetings. Once again, I’m sorry if this is a bit long, but there is a lot going on.
Our Club nets have been very successful, and of course they are open to all including visitors.
However, we are making some changes to the Club Net programme from next week (w/c 11th May).
Following feedback from members, the 10m Club net on Thursday is being changed. In future this will be at 20.00 on Wednesday evenings on 28.4MHz. This avoids the clash with the MKARS contest programme, and the healthcare worker appreciation events.
Our Net programme on Sunday 20.00 on GB3MK continues unchanged.
The MKARS Coffee Chat has also got off to a good start and meets regularly at 10.30 on a Friday via Zoom. Once again all are welcome, including visitors. The chat varies from the projects we are doing, the antennas being erected, the software we are using and the operational modes we are using and who we are working. When the coffee cups are all drained, we stop! However, for this week only (tomorrow 8th May), it is cancelled as many members are busy with the VE day celebrations. It resumes at 10.30 on Friday 15th May.
Finally, we have two Club meetings this month on Zoom. Both are not to be missed. Please note these for your diary.
On Monday 11th May at 19.30 we have László Sánduly, M0BOY, giving a talk/demonstration on the handling of surface mount components and the techniques, with a demonstration, of how to solder them.
To connect to this, talk please just click on the link. .
I will be connected from 19.00 and be able to help anyone with difficulty of connecting into the meeting.
On Monday 25th May at 19.30 we have Francis Hennigan, M0UKF, giving a Club talk on ‘An Introduction of APRS ‘ on Zoom. The link for this talk will be posted later.
Phil G4FVZ