Introduction to Radio Contesting, Tim G6GEI : 19.30 Monday 31st January, TNMOC

Introduction to Contesting, Tim G6GEI

19.30 Monday 31st January, TNMOC

This Monday night sees us back at the TNMOC for a talk not to be missed – an introduction to radio contesting. Tim, our Club lead, will run through an overview of what’s it all about, tell you how to get going or how to improve your scores if you have just started.  This talk will be ideal for complete beginners, and help you get your head (and shack) around what you need to do so that you can become part of the very successful MKARS team.

With us back meeting at the TNMOC we are all aware of the risks that COVID19 poses. Please feel free to wear a mask for our meeting as this is the best way to minimise the spread of infection. You may like to take a lateral flow test within 24hrs of the meeting and obviously stay at home if you have any sign of illness. Although it is January we’ll aim to get as much airflow into the meeting room as possible.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

As a PS we still have a large amount of Club equipment to dispose of. These items were outlined in the Newsletter sent to members a week or so ago. Please come forward with your offers to the items listed (including the rigs that have got guide prices). Please follow the offer process in the email to members you received last week.  Please also note that we will have some items available at the Valentine’s Day Bring and Buy sale at the TMNOC in a couple of weeks time.