MKARS Meetings For 2H March 2022

Monday 21st March – Skills Night 19.30 TNMOC
Next Monday 21st March is a Skills Night for the Club and we hope to have a demonstration on soldering skills and a technical clinic to talk through some of the technical challenges with your projects. Also, come an enjoy a coffee and some radio related social chit chat.
Monday 28th March – 3D Printing For The Radio Amateur
On the following Monday 28th, we have a session on 3D Printing for the Radio Amateur led by Tim, G6GEI and Francis M0UKF. Francis and Tim will give you the basics about the technology and what you can do with it, how to get started and show you some of their 3D print projects.
All meetings are at the TNMOC.
We have an exciting programme for April which we will announced shortly.