Course/Exam Dates

On 19th March the Radio Society of Great Britain took the decision to stop accepting amateur radio exam applications given recent government. As a result of this our training program is suspended until further notice.

As soon as we are able to submit exam applications we will resume training, please contact us by email at if you would like to be notified

MKARS offers a full range of amateur radio training courses. Thanks to the high degree of expertise within our membership, we can run successful courses, achieving excellent pass rates with our regular instructors.


Suspended Courses:

Foundation Weekend Course Course:Sat/Sun 11th/12th April 2020
Course: Sat/Sun 11th/12th July
Exam: Sun 19th July 2020

: Sat/Sun 10th/11th October 2020
Exam: Sun 18th October 2020
Intermediate Two Weekend Course Course: Sat 12th/Sun 13th/Sat 19th Sept
Exam: Sun 20 Sept 2020
Self Study [Foundation, Intermediate & Advance] As long as we receive at least 3 weeks notice you may sit any exam with us on any of the following dates:

19th April 2020
12th July 2020
20th Sept 2020
18th October 2020
December 2020 [Subject to demand]