MKARS Committee Members

The 2015/2016 MKARS Committee...

Who's who and what they do!

Main Committee:

Chairman Bill Canavan (2E0ECI)
Vice Chair and Membship Sec Stuart Crann (M0MMZ)
Treasurer Tim Cowell (G6GEI)
Club Secretary Will Fludgate (G1YYU)
Shack Manager  
Rally Coordinator Roy Woollard (G8RCK)

Training Team:

Frank Jackson (M0JSZ)
Graham Parry (G7OSR)
Andy Roberts (M0GYK)

MKARS Membership Payments

Name / Call Sign

D-STAR Gateway Version 3 ('G3') software now available to repeater keepers in the UK

The RS-RP3C gateway software which is being rolled out across the globe is now available from Icom UK


SERF 2018 - The SUNDAY Eastbourne Radio Rally!

The New SUNDAY Eastbourne Radio Rally is now confirmed! It is our great pleasure to announce that, following recent feedback from visitors and traders for our 2018 event onwards, we have successfully secured a SUNDAY, at the Eastbourne Sports Park, for future rally events in the South


Charlie Tango DX Branches Out

The Charlie Tango DX Group has branched out into the world of websites, domains and hosting. This is not for financial gain as some would think


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