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MKARS have been providing the full range of amateur radio training courses, and, with the high degree of expertise within our membership, we are able to run successful courses, achieving excellent pass rates with our regular instructors. 

As we had to move out of Bletchley Park a while ago we have not been running the full range of training courses. We will be moving back to Bletchley Park sometime in the future and intend to restart the full set of training courses very soon thereafter.

In the interim period we are running courses at other venues. Please see below for when training courses are being run. For more information go to the Training Forum (see below). 

We aim to run two Foundation, one Intermediate and one Advanced course each year, but in the interim we are running at least one Foundation and One Intermediate course yearly. Currently we reccomend that students interested in taking the Advanced course use the Distance Learning training program run by the RSGB.

MKARS instructors teach the courses on a voluntary basis and therefore there is no charge for their time.

On completing the course the RSGB charge £27.50 for the Foundation examination, £32.50 for the Intermediate and £37.50 for the Advanced.

For news on courses, availability and content please visit our Training Forum.

Next courses:

Foundation Course: January 2019
Intermediate Course: September 2018
Advanced Course: see above
Foundation Licence

Foundation Licence

An entry level in to Amateur Radio. Assessment is a combination of practical skills (an integral part of the training course) and a written multiple choice 45 minute, 25 question paper. The short course is run in a friendly informal atmosphere by our experienced trainers.
Intermediate Licence

Intermediate Licence

This is the next step from the Foundation License offering a larger number of frequencies and higher power for your transmitter. For these extra privileges you have to be able to show a greater understanding of some theory behind radio technology. Again our trainers are here to guide you to a pass, and there is plenty of literature available to help you study.
Advanced Licence

Advanced Licence

The final stage and top level for a UK amateur radio license and freedom to operate transmitters with the minimum of restrictions. At this level there is also full international compatibility. There are some specialised topics which have to be understood at this level, for example aspects of EMC and international regulations etc., but no worries our trainers will help you with the course and pass the necessary test.
PDF DocumentLesson 1
PDF DocumentLesson 2
PDF DocumentLesson 3
PDF DocumentLesson 4

Morse Code (CW)

Morse Code is no longer a requirement in any of the UK Amateur Radio licenses, but CW truly lives on in the Amateur world. MKARS have some very keen CW operators amongst them, including 3 examiners under the previous UK licensing system.


If you are interested in learning the code or even improving then we can help you. You will need to know the alphabet and numbers and bring your own pen and notepad.  Morse classes are only open to MKARS members. Morse Classes will start up again soon when a suitable venue is organised.


Our CW starter lessons 1~4 are available in PDF format for download here:

(RSGB training manuals available from RSGB books)

To Discuss Your Training Requirements or Book a Place:

Contact: Frank (M0JSZ)

MKARS Membership Payments

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Students' ham radio balloon attempts round the world flight

On Dec 8 Jefferson Intermediate School’s 5th grade science classes assisted in the launch of an amateur radio 144.390 MHz FM APRS balloon in an attempt to fly around the world


Fox-1Cliff/AO-95 Commissioning Status

Following the launch of Fox-1Cliff/AO-95, AMSAT Engineering began the commissioning process, with the help of AMSAT Operations, on Tuesday December 4


QSO Today - Riki Klein - K7NJ/4X4NJ

Riki Kline, K7NJ, has a long and interesting ham radio career, from humble beginnings in Las Vegas, Nevada, as a teenage ham, to his current QTH on over 40 rural acres in Utah. Riki also lives in Israel, part time, in the village of Na’aleh, overlooking Israel’s coastal plain and the Ben Gurion, Airport


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