February Club Nights - Surplus Sale and IF Tapping!

We have an full programme for February.

On the Club Night of 5th February we have a suplus sale - there will be a flee market where club memebers can trade - swap, donate or buy all sorts of radio goodies. It's £1 for a place in the flee market. A little later in the evening we will have an auction of some of the club's surplus equipment. A list of the equipment available will appear on our forum shortly.

On the Club Night of 19th February Tim, G6GEI is giving a talk on adding a panadapter to your radio. He'll discuss the why and how to fit the panadapter display and then provide a demonstartion of his fitted unit.


MKARS Membership Payments

Name / Call Sign

New 'Celtic Knot' VHF-UHF Competition

The GMDX Group is sponsoring a new annual competition to promote VHF-UHF DX and contesting activity in the North and West of the geographical British Isles - and to give stations everywhere an opportunity to work those areas


Zhou Enlai student satellite to launch

The 2U CubeSat Zhou Enlai, developed with primary and middle school students, is expected to launch on Friday, January 19, 2018


Tony's 10m Band Report

Trying to concentrate on the positive side of Ten Metre activity is a tad difficult at the moment. For example Monday shows H91IT, H91TT and H91T. Only the first of these is a good call.


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