July Club Nights

The club social and barbeque  in mid-June was well attended, despite clashing with World Cub football, and the weather was thankfully kind to us. Thanks to Tim and Will for preparing and cooking the food.

July Club nights with be on the Monday 9th and Monday 16th July.

On the Monday 9th we welcome Steve Thomas M1ACB, the General Manager of the RSGB. Steve will talk on the Society, its role, how it is organised and how it is developing.

Monday 16th July sees us have a short talk by Phil G4FVZ on the recent Friedrichshafen Ham Radio Show. We will also have an open discussion session on Ham Radio web sites. Please be ready to discuss your favourite ones!

For new members, or visitors from other clubs, wishing to attend these sessions, the meeting is at 19.30 at the Clubhouse, HMS Invincible, Bletchley Park.

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WRTC 2018 teams produce amazing contact totals despite poor conditions

A crack team of contesters from Lithuania has won the gold medal in World Radiosport Team Championship 2018 (WRTC 2018), held over the weekend in Germany


SOTABEAMS adds 'Summer Holiday Mode' to their WSPRlite system

SOTABEAMS has issued a major firmware upgrade for their WSPRlite antenna testing system. Since its release a little under two years ago the WSPRlite system has become a popular way for DXers to compare antenna systems


NanoRacks completes external Cygnus deployment

On Tuesday evening, NanoRacks successfully deployed six CubeSats from the Company's CubeSat deployer mounted on the outside of the Cygnus spacecraft. This brings the overall count to 223 small satellites deployed into low-Earth orbit


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