Club Construction Competition Sept 17th

Don't forget also that the MKARS Club Construction Competion, with prizes, is set for Monday September 17th. Rules for the construction competition, and how things will work, are now in a document on our library page. We will have two levels to the competition; one for those newly licensed with the hobby, and another for those more experienced.

This competition is intended to encourage home construction for our Club Members. To qualify for entry the entrant must be a member of the Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society, and the entry must have an amateur radio context.

It could cover home construction, kit building, and amateur radio software, but not antennas which are included as a separate club competition.

Projects can be built from kits, which can be complete, or projects using kit modules or commercial PCBs for more major projects. Obviously, you get more marks if you have to do a lot of the project yourself.

MKARS Membership Payments

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