What's on Your Workbench - March 19th

Thanks to all last night in presenting their projects. We had everything from medium wave loop antennas, to VOIP transceivers, and then xtals for a Storno transceiver, to two CW projects - one related to CW decoding and computer based/paddle sending, and the other to a Bletchley Park type project of a prototype demonstrator of a speculative dits and dahs multi-channel coded communication system that may have been trialed by the Germans in WW2. Our thanks to all for a thought provoking meeting and discussion. 

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Name / Call Sign

Tony's 10m Band Report

A better week, with Friday to Sunday being almost good! XR0YD (Easter Is.), TN5R (Congo), TY7C (Benin) and TJ2TT (Cameroon) unsurprisingly proved to be most popular


Force of 50

A presentation about experiences of the American Radio Relay Leagues’ 'Force of 50' who were sent to Puerto Rico last fall for hurricane recovery efforts, is planned in April


Radio is dead - long live Audio

'As we constantly move towards the future, radio itself is probably dead, but audio is not. We are living through a golden age of audio'


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