Presentations in Nov Meetings ; Voice Keyers & Antenna Baluns

We had two interesting presentations in November.

Trials and Tribulations of Building a Voice Keyer and Sequencer For Older Rigs' by Phil G4FVZ.  If any member wants a copy of Phil's slides and further details of the ISD1820 or ISD1760 voice modules then see him at a club meeting or a PM via the Forum or He also has more details on the DE8BQA FA-SM voice/CW/sequencing unit.

 'Cooking with Antenna – the dessert course' by Will G1YYU. Will gave a facinating talk on the practical aspects of building baluns and demystifying the process.  He also provided information on where to obtain the ferrites and the high voltage capacitors.  He is now available for balun consultaion to Club members!

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WSJT-X 2.0 full release now available

The WSJT-X 2.0 software suite has been released, and developer Joe Taylor, K1JT, is urging FT8 and MSK144 users to upgrade to what will become the new standard


‘Suspicious package’ at post office was ham radio equipment

The Gainesville Sun reports the U.S. Post Office on Southwest 34th Street was briefly evacuated after the discovery of a suspicious package


IARUMS reports on mystery frequency hopping station

IARU-R1 Monitoring System reports an intriguing transmission has been spotted giving short beeps exactly on each second, frequency hopping between 10108-10115 kHz and 18834/18899 kHz


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