End of an era for MKARS at Bletchley Park

On the 1st January, 2013, the eighteen year association of the Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society (MKARS) and Bletchley Park will finally come to an end, due to MKARS having to vacate their current clubhouse on the estate.

The main reasons for Bletchley Park serving notice on MKARS are due to;

• The building currently occupied by MKARS as their clubhouse, being required to make way for the creation of a new park entrance and access road to the coach park.

• No additional space being available on the estate which MKARS could occupy.

• It has been deemed that the Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society will not fit into the future World War II profile of the Bletchley Park Museum.

• Having attained Museum status, Bletchley Park will eventually have regular opening and closing times after which there will be no public access.

The Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society and its members have been both privileged and proud to have been associated with the world renowned Bletchley Park, its history, its outside events and its place in the public consciousness. By representing the voice of both Amateur Radio and Bletchley Park to the world, the call sign GB2BP has made the Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society friends in many countries, creating interest in the amazing work that was carried out within Bletchley Park during WWII.

Although GB2BP may no longer be in residence on Bletchley Park after the 1st January, 2013 it will re-appear occasionally as a special event station supporting public events on Bletchley Park.

Further details will become available on this website as and when they arrive.

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