Silent Key: Frank Collins (M0RPM)

frank.jpgIt is with great sadness to announce the passing of Frank Collins M0RPM, our thoughts and condolences are with his family at this sad time.

Frank joined Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society over 10 years ago. From the start he was a very active member and stood as vice chairman and then chairman for a number of years. His fine qualities as a person made his roll as chairman hugely successful in keeping things running smoothly at a time that was not easy for the club with a degree of uncertainty as to accommodation in the green room at that time. Despite this uncertainty his diplomacy was key in achieving continued discussions with Bletchley Park management. His incredible determination resulted in obtaining planning and erection of the RKO tower and other antenna that still exists on B Block to this day. He also negotiated 2 bays in the Bletchley Park museum where the club shack once existed for a number of years. He even talked to royalty when the Duke of Kent visited GB2BP in June 2004, giving him a tour and explanation of the hobby. All this and more for the benefit of the club and its members.

Those who knew Frank will remember him as a true friend, always good for a joke and willing to help wherever he could. He always had a positive outlook on life even over the last few years when his health was in decline. Frank was a very keen and successful radio amateur fondly known as “the Lavendon Monitoring Station”. Many will know of GB4NGR special event station that Frank arranged every year at the Lavendon Narrow Gauge Railway which so many of us really enjoyed. He had another passion in motor racing and restoring cars hence his suffix in his call sign RPM. One of his final recent achievements, even though he was in poor health, was the restoration of a Fairthorp Zeta which he rebuilt from the remains of a totally burnt out car, again demonstrating the determination and drive of a very fine man.

The hobby has lost a fine radio amateur and we will miss Frank as a true friend indeed. Rest in peace Frank.

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