Welcome to our repeater page where we give details of our own club repeaters and others that are reported to cover the Milton Keynes area.

A repeater, as the name suggests, is intended to receive (on the input channel) signals from a portable or mobile station and retransmit (relay) them, often on a different frequency (the output channel) within the same amateur band. Repeaters are unmanned and entirely automatic operation.

They are situated on the top of a hill or tall building where the antenna can be positioned as high as possible.

Thus the limited range of a portable  or mobile station going through a repeater can be greatly increased.




MKARS Maintained Repeater:

Callsign Modes Location Freq. (MHz), Offset, Tone Status
Milton Keynes 433.0000, +1.6, 77.0Hz More on EchoLink

Local FM Repeaters:

Callsign Modes Location Freq. (MHz), Offset, Tone Status
Woburn Sands 145.7125, -0.6, 77.0Hz Operational
Towcester 430.8875, +7.6, 77.0Hz Operational
Daventry 430.9125, +7.6, 77.0Hz Operational
GB3TU FM Tring 433.2250, +1.6, 77.0Hz Operational
GB3BF FM Bedford 145.7875, -0.6, 77.0Hz Operational
GB3VA FM Aylesbury 145.7000, -0.6, 118.8Hz Operational
GB7AV FM Aylesbury 433.0500, +1.6, 118.8Hz Operational
GB3AL FM Fusion Amersham 145.7375, -0.6, 77.0Hz Operational
GB3AU FM Amersham 433.1750, +1.6, 82.5Hz Operational
GB3NH FM Northampton 430.9500, +7.6, 77.0Hz Operational
GB3CO FM Corby 145.6625, -0.6, 77.0Hz Operational
GB3EM FM East Midlands 145.7625, -0.6, 77.0Hz Operational
MB7FM FM (4m) Tring 70.4375, Simplex, 77Hz Parrot
GB3HR FM Harrow 433.3500, +1.6, 82.5Hz Operational
GB3EH FM Banbury 430.9625, +7.6, 67.0Hz Operational
GB3AM FM Amersham 50.84, +0.5, 77.0Hz Operational

Local Fusion Only Repeaters:

Callsign Modes Location Freq. (MHz), Offset, Tone Status
MB6IMK Fusion
MK (North) 433.6625, Simplex Gateway Operational
MB6WL Fusion
MK 144.8125, Simplex Gateway Operational
GB7TF Fusion
Tring 439.4875, -9.0 Operational
GB7AU D-Star Amersham 439.7000, -9.0 May be offline

Local D-Star Repeaters:

Callsign Modes Location Freq.(MHz), Offset, Tone Status
GB7BP D-Star Bletchley Park 439.4500, -9.0 Operational
GB7BZ D-Star Bozeat 439.4125, -9.0 Operational
GB7PI D-Star Royston 439.7625, -9.0 Operational

Local DMR Repeaters:

Callsign Modes Location Freq. (MHz), Offset, C-Code, Network Status
GB7DB DMR Woburn Sands 439.6625, -9.0, cc3, Phoenix Operational
GB7CT DMR Tring 145.6375, -0.6, cc3, Phoenix Operational
GB7WL DMR Amersham 439.4625, -9.0, cc3, Phoenix Operational
GB7MO DMR Northampton 439.6750, -9.0, cc1, Phoenix Operational

Local Packet Radio:

Callsign Modes Location Freq. (MHz), Offset Status
GB7OUK AX25 Node Milton Keynes 144.950, Simplex, 1200 Baud AX25

432.625, Simplex, 9600 I2LP

GB7MNK BBS & AX25 Node Milton Keynes 144.9375, Simplex, 1200 Baud AX25

432.625, Simplex, 9600 I2LP

MB7UNL APRS Newton Longville 144.8000, Simplex Operational
MB7UMK APRS Great Linford 144.8000, Simplex Operational

Note: While we will try to keep this page up to date, we cannot guarantee it’s accuracy. Send technical enquiries or operational reports, only for the repeaters managed by MKARS, to repeater@mkars