Welcome to MKARS the Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society.

The club has nearly 60 years of history and an enthusiastic membership with very diverse interests. 

Please feel free to visit us on our club nights or at any of the events in our diary.

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Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society




Exam Success!

It's my pleasure to announce 11 exam passes today at the Irish Centre

Congratulations to:

Foundation: Paul Webber, Andy Bloomer, Stefano Pinna, Sebastian Sylwester, Joshua Bliszko, Dave Armitage, Matthew Cooke, Mihailis Kudrjavskis and our youngest trainee at only 11 years old Phoenix Mulder!
Intermediate: László Sánduly Gary Kattenhorn

Look forward to talking to you all on the air


Getting ready for our varied and exciting programme in 2019

The Club has relocated to more suitable premises, and from January 2019 most of our meetings will be upstairs at the Irish Centre (Manor Fields, Watling Street, Bletchley, MK2 2HX).

Our club meetings from January 2019 will be on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month and all meeting will now start at 19.30. All our meeting details are loaded on to the diary page (see left menu column). Please note that we have one club meeting at the NRC at Bletchley in February. 

Please note that our monthly shack night for the foreseeable future will be held on the 3rdMonday of each month at our Bletchley Park shack, GB2BP, in T.S Invincible, Bld 55. 

At Shack nights we would like our newer members to come along & operate our station, using the call sign GB2BP. Partake in some logging, discuss operating technique, and generally get the feel for operating, ask questions about CW, HF, Digital Modes & any other radio related subjects. It would also be nice to see the new Intermediate licence holders to make an appearance, you will be able to operate (under supervision) GB2BP with 100 Watts! 


Our continuing programme for 2019 is as follows:

We have an exciting and varied Club meeting programme over the next few months. Please note all meetings start at 19.00 sharp.


Monday 10th– ‘Bring your antenna’. A night to discuss antennas, bring antennas you want to try out, or antenna ideas that you have. We plan to have a transceiver and antenna analyser available.(Irish Centre, Manor Fields).

Monday 17th - Shack Night at the Bletchley Park shack; Also meeting of the VHF NFD team.

Monday 24thOverview to HF Propagation’, Steve Nichols G0KYA; Q & A via Skype. (Irish Centre, Manor Fields)

Note : There will be an number of other reminders throughout the month on our preparations for VHF NFD on the Club hill (6thand 7thJuly}. Please keep an eye on our Facebook Group page and the Club Forum.


Weekend 6th and 7th July VHF NFD – join in the Club entry (M5MK/P) for this contest.

Monday 8th July  - ‘Amateur Satellites, Amsat UK and the introduction of Oscar100 ’, Graham Shirville, G3VZV. (Irish Centre, Manor Fields)

Monday 15thJuly  - Shack night at the Bletchley Park shack. We are also planning our summer BBQ on that night.

Monday 22ndJuly – Club Construction Project – Phil G4FVZ (Irish centre, Manor Fields)


Monday 12thAugust, Shack night at the Bletchley Park shack.

Monday 19ththAugust, Discussion on NFD (SSB) entry and final preparation for MKARS Rally. (Irish centre, Manor Fields)

Sunday 25thAugust; MKARS Rally at Irish Club, Manor Fields

Monday 26thAugust; Bank holiday – no Club Meeting

New Club Contest and Field Day callsign - M5MK

Following on with the new club callsign for the Irish Centre (M5EI), we now have a new club callsign, M5MK, which will be used by MKARS primarily for field day and contest events.

We will use it for the first time for VHF and SSB Field days in the next few months,

In addition, we occasionally use the M5MK/P call for the UKAC contests when we have other club members present at one of our sites.

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