Welcome to MKARS the Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society.

The club has nearly 60 years of history and an enthusiastic membership with very diverse interests. The club is particularly proud of the association with Bletchley Park and our successful training, for which we have introduced hundreds of members to the hobby.

Please feel free to visit us on our club nights or at any of the events in our diary.

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Membership Cards

Following payment of membership at the AGM (or around that time) a couple of people have mentioned to me that they need a Membership card.

If this is the case, please could you send me a recent photo of yourself to membership AT and I'll get one made up in the next few weeks.

2017 Rally

Hi all club members just to let know that our secretary has paid the deposit to the Irish Club for the Rally on the 27th August 2017 so you have plenty of time to get organized!

For more information, please email



Club Meetings

As per the agreement at the AGM, club meetings now have  a donation of £1 per person.

Could we also ask everyone to sign in please. It helps  committee with numbers and membership.

Tuesday 13th December 432mhz UKAC Contest

 MKARS are currently in 13th position in the UKAC weekly VHF/UHF Tuesday nights contests with 110 clubs and groups and 686 individuals taking part.

We would welcome more members who would be willing to join the regulars to gain MKARS more points in what is the most popular radio event of any week. Dates can be found in the diary and full details in the VHF pages of the RSGB web site, or just ask any of the regular Contesters, myself included, G1MZD.

Foundation Course Passes

We have pleasure in welcoming the 7 students who took the latest Foundation training course into the ranks of amateur radio after successfully completing the course and taking the exam.

These students are:-

Dave Wittering

Antonio Vitiello

James Halford

Michael Lee

Reynold Lee

Radoslav Koziolek

Konstantino Stepanovs

The training Team Frank, Andy, Graham 


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